Apex, NC
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Neighborhood Traffic Safety
Posted on Sep 15th, 2010

 The law in North Carolina requires that vehicles must stop for anyone walking in the crosswalk area. A resident reported that as he and his children made their way across the Haddon Hall/Blackburn intersection, a driver that had stopped proceeded to drive without waiting for one of the children to cross. She accelerated quickly and was very close to the child, which caused him to panic and almost fall into the SUV. This was a close call that no one wants repeated.
Finally, please remind any new North Carolina drivers in your home that school buses run many routes throughout the day all year long in Haddon Hall. Stop for buses loading or unloading children. Drivers should not proceed until the children getting the bus cross the intersection. Kids are unpredictable and it is best for drivers to err on the side of caution when kids are at the bus stop.


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