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Clarification: Woman\'s Morning Out Sale is Not a Haddon Hall Sponsored Event
Posted on Aug 6th, 2009

Residents have contacted the Board and Social Committee with concerns and questions about the  "Women\'s Morning Out Sale" advertised on flyers recently distributed throughout the neighborhood. 
"Woman\'s Morning Out Sale" is not sponsored by Haddon Hall. The following mesage is from the coordinator of the event:
The second annual Women\'s Morning Out Sale is a privately organized event, not sponsored by the Haddon Hall Social Committee. We are a group of hard working women business owners, whose goal was to invite all residents of the Haddon Hall subdivision to our fun event this coming Saturday. Flyers are the most efficient way to accomplish this task, but they were not to be placed on any painted surfaces that could have been damaged by the tape. Some of the flyers did indeed get taped on the mailboxes and this was a mistake that will not be replicated by our group in the future. We truly apologize for the inconvenience our flyers may have caused to the residents of Haddon Hall, and we do hope that our event will be viewed as a fun women\'s time out away from their busy day, and certainly not a nuisance to the neighborhood.


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