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Update on the Rezoning near Salem Street and The Peakway
Posted on May 16th, 2013

Thank you all for attending the open forum meeting that we held last week.  We, the Haddon Hall Board, left the meeting with some different impressions from that meeting, and a bit of homework to do.  We discussed this issue amongst ourselves and with our property manager at our monthly HOA meeting.  Ultimately we came to realize that as a Home Owners Association, we cannot take an official stance on this matter.  Because there is not a consensus opinion on how to approach this with the Town or Developer, we cannot claim to represent the wants of the entire neighborhood.  As such, we also cannot engage our HOA attorney to file any motions or petitions either for or against the planned rezoning.  
What we can do is pass along whatever information we hear either from the Town or the Developer about the project.  We can also host and moderate discussions within the neighborhood for those who are looking for additional information.  Below are the ideas that we discussed that could serve as "concession points" with the Developer (Stuart Jones):
  • Discuss expanding the existing 10 foot buffer to a 20 foot, or having a landscaping easement placed on the property
  • Discuss making the buffer Opaque instead of Semi-Opaque
  • Discuss the requirements of transitioning from low to medium to high density from the Peakway to Haddon Place 
  • Request the entrance from Salem Street into this new development be right-in/right-out only, and do not allow for left turns from that entrance
  • Discuss the limitations set by the Town for the retail/commercial sections of this property.  What is allowed?  What isn't allowed?
  • Will the developer consider putting in only 49 units, which would require only 1 entry/exit (Peakway) instead of 2 entry/exit areas?
  • Will the Town consider stop-light synchronization to help cluster the gaps in the traffic to allow Haddon Place residents a better chance of exiting the neighborhood during peak traffic hours?
Any resident of Haddon Hall and Haddon Place is welcome to contact Mr. Jones to voice their opinion or objection to this PUD.  Further, you are welcome to attend the Planning Committee and Town Council meetings.  
Stuart Jones can be contacted at 919-271-6026 or 919-387-1174. 
His office is located at :
Jones & Cnossen Engineering, PLLC
221 N. Salem St., Suite 001


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