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What Have You Missed?
Posted on Feb 15th, 2010

In the past two weeks, Haddon Hall HOA has sent email regarding crime alerts, social events and electronic payment account numbers to registered property owners at haddonhall.org. (All this information is posted on the website, too.) To receive occasional email regarding  your neighborhood, please register if you haven't done so already.
If you have registered and you have not received these email blasts, first, of course, check your spam or junk folder to see if it was misplaced there. If it's not there, please contact the webmaster.  You will be sent a copy of the missed email.
Some email providers, such as Roadrunner, may be blocking the haddonhall.org email from your inbox. (The Roadrunner fix is here.)
Some Yahoo users have also reported spotty delivery of haddonhall.org email. Hopefully, we'll be able to pass along the fix for that soon, as well.
The recent email blasts from haddonhall.org:
Date: Subject:
02/02/2010 Crime Alert from Apex Police
02/10/2010 HH Electronic check payment Web site information
02/15/2010 Haddon Hall Social Events and Water Aerobics


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