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Results from the Inaugural Haddon Hall Open
Posted on Nov 1st, 2008

The weather was beautiful and the Inaugural Haddon Hall Open golf tournament a success.  Everyone had a good time and got to meet a new neighbor or two.  The after party at the clubhouse was a nice way for the families to get together and meet on a more level playing field.  It turned out to be a nice meet and greet for all!.
The team of Wayne Van Varick, Steve Schiable, Richard Jimenez and Chad Etzel won first place scoring  8 under par in the Captains Choice format. The second place team of was just 1 stroke behind! 
\"\"We hope to get a few more families involved next year and grow this into a tradition all can look forward to!   
Thanks to all who participated and tell a neighbor how much fun you had and see if they would like to play next year. 
The pairings for the Inaugural Haddon Hall Open were as follows:
         Team 1
         Team 2
          Team 3
Wayne VanVarick
Mauri Gauley
Chris Fresa
Steve Schiable
Doug Morin
Kevin Weber
Richard Jimenez
Colin Davidson
Tom Adams
Chad Etzel
Lisa Davidson
Jerry Robinson
         Team 4
         Team 5
          Team 6
Kevin Morrisey
Steve Schmidt
Greg Coley
Tim McDonald
Erin Riley
Ed Otto
Carl Nielsen
David McCoy
Dan Leinbach
Jack McDonald
Claire Cavalie
Craig Welch
by Wayne Van Varick


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